Important information about your coworking space

We're excited you are here! 

Below are some key things to know about your coworking space. Please feel free to ask your community manager any questions you have as well. Looking to get the lay of the land? Check out our building layout maps here

To log into your online membership portal, use the website here or use the Satellite Deskworks mobile app. This will be your central portal for: 

  • Public membership profiles (another way for members to know who's here)

  • Reservations (meeting rooms and hotdesks)

  • Monthly billing


Members and their guests may use any space in the south lot in the front of the building. Please do not park behind the 26 Garden Center building, as those spots are currently reserved. Kindly leave parking spots immediately in front of the building for guest and client use. 


Suites 1 and 4 have kitchenettes available and the large kitchen can be found in Suite 2. Please be sure to check the cabinet labels, as some are reserved for office members and their personal items.


Suite 1 Kitchenette: Amenities available for all members include a large fridge, a microwave, and a coffee pot.


Suite 2 Kitchen: Amenities available for all members include a large fridge and a microwave.


Leaving Items

Hotdesk members must take all of your items home at the end of the day. 


Bike Racks

A bike rack is available at the front of the building. 


Meeting Rooms

All members have access to four different spaces for private calls or meetings: Quandary, Conundrum, and Mt. Massive. 


The Quandary meeting room can seat 4 people at a time and is located on the right-hand side of Suite 2 once you reach the bottom of the stairs. The room includes a whiteboard. 

Conundrum can seat 4-6 people and is located in the back right of Suite 1. The room includes a tv monitor, HDMI cables, and a whiteboard.

The Mt. Massive conference room can seat up to 20 people at a time can be found in Suite 2 to the immediate right-hand side once you are at the bottom of the stairs. The room includes a tv monitor, HDMI cables, and a whiteboard.

The conference rooms can be reserved through your membership account. Each membership plan includes monthly booking credits and additional hours will be charged at a discount. Review your plan for details.

Cancellation Policy: Be sure to keep bookings up to date and cancel 48 hours in advance if plans change. Meeting changed or canceled up to 48 hours before the scheduled start time are not charged. 



Single-stream recycling bins are located in the kitchen, in the conference rooms and by the kitchenettes. Signage is posted above the tall bins to help identify what goes where. Watch this short video to become a waste-diversion expert!

Computer Monitors

Computer monitors are for hotdesk member's use for the day. Please contact a community manager about utilizing this amenity.



Office members are welcome to host accompanied social visit guests in the kitchen and lounge at no additional cost for up to two hours, or when you reserve a conference room through your member portal (reservation fees may apply). 

Hotdesk members may host a guest when you reserve a conference room.


If your guest would like to utilize the space for a work day, please contact a community manager to reserve a day-use hotdesk, or book one through your member portal. If guests are using a day-use desk or conference room on their own, the hourly or day-use rates will apply (billed to the member or directly to the visitor).


If you are the last one to leave in the evening, kindly turn off the lights as you head out the door to conserve energy.

Member Discounts

  • Broomfield Chamber of Commerce: New Work At 26 members receive a FREE 3-month Broomfield Chamber membership.

  • Kaiut Yoga: purchase a 10-punch pass for only $160 (normally $175) or sign up for a monthly unlimited class membership for $120/month (normally $135/month).

Speaker Policy 

We ask that no speaker phones or computer speakers be used in the space. Please use headphones for calls and music as sound travels easily. You may use speaker phones in the conference rooms and private offices at a reasonable volume level. 


If you listen to music, the music volume needs to be at a low to medium level or your headphones need to be higher-quality so that those around you cannot hear your music playing through them.

Phone Calls in Shared Space 

Phone calls may be taken in shared workspaces in the building. Please be courteous of others around you and use a pleasant, low volume voice when on the phone. For longer conversations, we ask that you utilize a meeting room in the building or step outside so your co-members can focus on their work. 


Private office members have mail included in their membership plans. We are currently working on installing a mail center inside the building in Suite 2. 

An add-on mail plan for other membership levels will be coming soon.