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Introducing a convenient, flexible workspace in Broomfield.


Coworking spaces are all about flexibility. Open office workspaces inspire creativity. When you dreamed of your ideal workspace, what did it look like? The same stale cubicle day in and day out, or a built-to-suit open workspace where you have access to all of the amenities of an office, including the added perk of a disc golf course and yoga studio right outside your door, along with a community of local professionals, creative minds. Work At 26, an affordable coworking solution in Broomfield, Colorado could be your perfect business solution!

Flexibility and Options for your Workspace 

Flexibility and Options for your Workspace 

Work At 26 offers a workspace with all of the business tools at your fingertips, with everything from occasional rentals to complete office space for your entire team, including meeting rooms and desks for break-out sessions.


With an open workspace layout, Work At 26 offers the flexibility and options that provide something for everyone. Whether you are a freelancer looking for a place to work to get out of the house one day a week, a remote employee at a major company and want to have a structured environment, or if are looking for a conference retreat center, we can meet your business (or individual) needs. 


Some of the amenities at Work At 26 include:


  • Affordable options with daily and monthly rates

  • Ample, free parking

  • Complimentary coffee, drinks, and snacks

  • Business class WIFI

  • Access to a community park with 9-hole disc golf course 

  • Monthly networking events

  • A free 3-month membership at the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce

       (contact the Chamber of Commerce to learn more about this offer)

  • A collaborative community of small businesses and professionals

  • Access to conference rooms and meeting spaces


Things to Keep in Mind with Work At 26

  • Cancellation Policy: Be sure to keep bookings up to date and cancel 48 hours in advance if plans change. Meetings changed or canceled up to 48 hours before the scheduled start time will not be billed. 


  • Mail Services:  Private office plans include mail services and the Work At 26 team is actively working on mail add-on services for hotdesk members.


  • Guests:  Members may bring in non-client guests for brief visits on occasion, or purchase a day pass for them for visits more than 30 minutes, which includes a day pass to access the coworking facility. You may also host guests when you rent a meeting room.


  • Member Discounts:  Joining the Work at 26 community comes with additional benefits at the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce as well as discounted rates at the adjacent Kaiut Yoga studio.


  • Computer Monitors:  Hotdesk members are welcome to utilize computer monitors in the space during the duration of your workday. 

  • Speakers and Phone Calls: While members and day users may take phone calls in the shared workspace at reasonable volumes, we ask that no computer or phone speakers be used. For longer or personal calls, Work At 26 can provide some options for privacy and to allow other members to stay focused.

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Advantages of an Open Office Workspace - The Five C’s

Open workspaces, flexible coworking space, alternative office solutions - it can all sound vastly different from traditional business settings, but don’t write it off just yet. The nature of work in today’s society is ever-changing, with remote employment becoming more popular and prevalent. Is coworking solution for you? Here are some of the top advantages to consider with an open workspace.


Cost Savings - Your business may not need to rent an entire office! An open workspace allows you to just pay for what you need, whether that is a desk for a few days a week, a couple of meeting rooms for your staff retreat, or yes, a private office. Work At 26 offers the most affordable rates in the entire Boulder and Denver metro regions. 


Communication - An open workspace encourages easy and effective communication between team members as well as other members of the coworking community. We have long passed the days of stale, gray cubicles. 


Creativity - Working on a graphic design project and want to get a colleague’s input? Need to get the word out about your new product and need some marketing advice? Hit a roadblock and need to get out of your head? Surrounded by local professionals and a community of business leaders, finding that inspirational spark has never been easier!


Collaboration - Whether you simply have a quick question for a team member or need to have a major brainstorming meeting, the open office layout lends itself to not only collaborating with teammates but also with other members of the Work At 26 community. 

Convenience - Located right off of Highways 36 and 287, equidistant between Denver and Boulder, in the heart of the growing Broomfield community, Work At 26 provides all of the benefits of coworking along with convenience and ease of access. Affordable rates, ample parking, and a variety of meeting room options mean you can successfully grow your business with Work At 26. 

We invite you to see how Work At 26 can be your perfect office space solution. Positioned only a short distance off of Highway 287 and Midway Blvd., the location offers easy access from Boulder and Denver via Highway 36. Give us a call, schedule a tour, and see the possibilities of what a coworking space can mean for you.  

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