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in Broomfield, Colorado


Finding a community of small businesses and local professionals is quite the challenge when you work from your home office five days a week! Coworking spaces have become a popular solution as more people work remotely and discover they crave the connections they had in the workplace. The flexibility and freedom of using a desk, private office, or conference room surrounded by other local, creative, and career-minded individuals offers endless benefits for your working life. 


Work At 26, located conveniently off of Highway 36 and Highway 287 in Broomfield, Colorado is a coworking space that provides all of the amenities of a shared office space community at an affordable price point.


The open office layout and various coworking options available with Work At 26 provide its members and the greater community with numerous benefits. The convenient location halfway between Denver and Boulder makes this coworking space one of the most unique and affordable workspaces in the area. One of the biggest challenges of traditional office leases is often high cost that comes with these workspace solutions.


Whether you are renting a desk for a few months, hosting a conference, or are simply dropping in for the day, Work At 26 offers phenomenal perks:  

  • Business class WIFI

  • Ample, free parking

  • Access to a community park with 9-hole disc golf course 

  • Complimentary coffee, drinks, and snacks

  • Monthly networking events

  • A free 3-month membership at the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce*

  • A collaborative community of small businesses and professionals

  • Access to conference rooms and meeting spaces

*Restrictions may apply. Please contact the Chamber of Commerce for more details

Are Coworking Spaces a Good Fit for You?

Your at-home office is arranged exactly how you want it. You set your own hours and have all of the conveniences of being at home. Why would you leave the comfort of your own house? Here are some reasons you may want to consider.

Work-Life Balance - For some people, working at home is just fine. But for many, the convenience of your office being in the house turns into a negative as you find yourself working from the moment you wake up until the wee hours of the evening. Create some boundaries in your life and set yourself up for success with a healthy balance of hard work, focus, and community. 

Convenience - While you may have an ideal computer setup at home, there are various benefits to being in a shared office space business center. Want to print out that report? Need to host a meeting with a potential client? Do you hate making coffee every morning? Work At 26 allows you to function as an established business from Day 1. 

Community - Yes, work is supposed to be productive, but the social component of your job has value as well. Morning chats around the coffee pot, impromptu afternoon happy hours, networking events, and the ability to bounce ideas off of like-minded professionals means that even if you are a business of one, you can surround yourself with people who inspire you and fulfill your social needs. You may even find a business partner, new client, or that graphic designer that you’ve been seeking for months!

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Book Your Tour Today

We invite you to see how Work At 26 can be your perfect office space solution. Contact us, schedule a tour, and imagine the possibilities of what a coworking space can mean for you.  

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